Carnauba Wax

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Carnauba Wax also called Brazil wax and palm wax, is a wax of the leaves of the palm Copernicia prunifera and wax is the hardest natural wax available.

It is a wonderful ingredient to use in natural and vegan cosmetics.

Carnauba wax is used as an ingredient in many cosmetics such as: lipstick, lip balm, it may also be used in salves, balms, and in any recipe where beeswax is called for.

To use Carnauba Wax in your recipe, it must be heated to a higher melting point than beeswax. It requires a temperature of 82-86°C in order to melt.

Please note that Carnauba Wax is harder than beeswax, and this must be taken into consideration when incorporating it into your recipes. Usually you only use half amount than beeswax.

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