Cacay (Kahai) oil – Cold Pressed

$37.00 Including GST

Cacay Oil is extremely rich in Vitamin A (even more so that Rose Hip Oil), Linoleic Acid (higher content than Argan Oil) and Vitamin E (double that in Argan Oil) and F


Suitable for all skin types this light and dry oil is easily applied to the skin and seamlessly soaks in – only a few drops will cover your whole face


Helpful for mature skin, acne, scars, stretchmarks, hair volume and shine. Add a drop or two of Cacay oil to your shampoo or conditioner to nourish your scalp and add body and a healthy shine to your hair


Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, fades scars & burns, improves elasticity & tone, Hydrates, brightens and boosts collagen production, won’t clog pores.