Douglas Fir Essential Oil – Organic

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Extraction Method – Steam Distilled
Parts Used – needles
Common Names – Oregon Pine, Columbian Pine, Douglas Spruce
Botanical NamePseudotsuga menziesii
Country of Origin – Canada
Aroma – very intense yet soft, woody-balsamic, sweet coniferous aroma with a vibrant, robust character and great tenacity




Douglas Fir Essential Oil has grounding and refreshing qualities and is one that is highly recommend for use in diffusers to purify the environment in enclosed spaces and to help ward off illnesses that circulate in the winter months. This essential oil is helpful in reducing unwanted microbial activity, which can be so welcome if working to get rid of a cold or the flu.
In addition to acting as a brilliant lung support, Douglas Fir Essential Oil is helpful when looking to support proper adrenal function. This essential oil is soothing in case of unwelcome muscle spasms, such as a persistent, spastic cough. It is also skin healing and rejuvenating.

This essential oil is very uplifting, especially during times that require more emotional fortitude and strength. Diffusing this oil may promote a sense of hiking through a forest on a crisp day.

Douglas Fir Essential Oil is also widely used in DIY cleaning products for purifying and cleansing in home or office spaces and revitalising the environment.

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