Lemon Essential Oil

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Extraction Method – Cold Pressed
Parts Used – Peel
Common Names  – Lemon Messina, Limone
Botanical NameCitrus limon
Country of Origin – Italy
Aroma – Bright, sharp, refreshing Lemony scent



Lemon oil has astringent, antiseptic and toning effects for oily, congested or acne-prone skin. It is also used for boils, fungal conditions, cold sores and warts, and in formulations for helping reduce bacteria and help purify minor infections, reducing pain and inflammation and for greasy hair and deodorants.

Lemon oil provides a lovely fresh scent and a detoxifying, toning action in body oils or lotions applied to congested, stagnant areas including cellulite, fluid retention, varicose or spider veins, as well as rheumatic joint conditions. Studies show Lemon oil also has antimicrobial and immune support properties, great to diffuse or as an inhalation for coughs and colds.

Lemon helps clarify the mind, aiding concentration, steadying nervousness or agitation and help lift the cloud of depression and ease emotional tension. It uplifts when feeling overwhelmed or mentally fatigued and unable to make decisions.

A lovely oil to diffuse during cold and flu season to purify and refresh the air, and also a great choice in household DIY cleaning products.

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