Pinyon Pine Essential Oil – Organic

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Extraction Method – Steam Distilled
Parts Used – Needles and twigs
Common Names  – Colorado Pinyon
Botanical NamePinus edulis
Country of Origin – Utah, USA
Aroma – Soft, floral-fruity top notes, a range of terpenic-buttery heart notes, and a deep resinous base.



Along with a long, rich history in Native American culture and folklore as the tree of life, the seeds from this tree are deliciously edible and its wood, when burned, is often helpful as a natural mosquito and insect repellent.

Along with helping to promote healthy lung and airway activity, Pinyon Pine Essential Oil is soothing in case of unwelcome muscle spasms, such as a persistent, spastic cough. This essential oil can also help relieve pain and inflammation as well as promote healthy circulation. The oil can also help boost a compromised immune system, help support healthy adrenal function, reduce the presence of unwanted fungal activity, ease sore throats, and relieve headaches. This essential oil is also skin healing and rejuvenating and can help with cuts, wounds, and burns.

A superior cleanser, Pinyon Pine Essential Oil can be used for keeping our homes and the air we breath fresh and clean.

Pinyon Pine Essential Oil strengthens and rejuvenates. In aromatherapy, Pinyon Pine Oil is known for its uplifting and purifying qualities, which support nearly every system of the body. Known to have an uplifting, cleansing effect which can dispel worry and tiredness, invigorating. Pinyon Pine Essential Oil can clear the air and release negative emotions.

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