Spearmint Essential Oil

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Extraction Method – Steam Distilled
Parts Used – Leaves
Common Names  – Garden Mint
Botanical NameMentha spicata
Country of Origin – India
Aroma – Sweet, lively, cool, minty-green aroma



With only trace amounts of menthol, Spearmint is gentler than Peppermint although shares similar actions to soothe and clear the body and mind. Good for children or sensitive people in cases where Peppermint may be too strong, stimulating or cooling.

Spearmint Essential Oil is an excellent choice when wanting to ease unwanted muscle spasms and help manage minor pain and inflammation. This essential oil can help support proper lung function, especially if one is experiencing congestion relating to a cold or the flu. It is also ideal as an inhalation to ease travel sickness and nausea. Spearmint helps ease nasal, sinus or chest congestion and open the airways.

Within skin care applications, this wonderful essential oil is included in formulations intended to invigorate the mind and refresh the skin and hair. Spearmint oil helps ease itching of the skin or scalp and has antiseptic and healing properties.

Spearmint is uplifting and refreshing during times of anxiety, stress, mental fatigue, low mood and depression. It gently stimulates and clears the mind to restore balance and focus. Spearmint is a wonderful fresh and cleansing oil to use in household cleaning blends, natural mouthwash and toothpaste, insect repellents, and to diffuse in the home to uplift and refresh the atmosphere.

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