Stearic Acid

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Stearic acid is a fatty acid found in many plant oils. Due to it’s molecular structure it is widely used in cosmetics as an emulsifier and can also be found in soaps, solid shampoo bars, body washes, creams and lotions,. It helps to bind and thicken the products so they adhere smoothly to the skin

It penetrates the skin, providing emollient, skin-softening properties. It has become a primary choice for many bath & body manufacturers as it is used to emulsify, thicken, or otherwise bind and stabilize lotions and creams.

It is particularly useful on cleansers as it allows for dirt and oils to be lifted from the skins surface by water.

As Stearic acid is a waxy solid, it also helps to harden soap bars. This same property makes it useful for candles, adding firmness, a longer burn-time.