Animal Eczema Lotion
Cream for dog is working great
I put the eczema ointment onto our little dogs back and straight away, the itching stopped and she stopped scratching and biting. She actually lay down, gave a big sigh and rested. My husband and I were dumbstruck. She hasn’t scratched at it again. I also put some on my elbow which has had eczema for 4 years (nothing helps it) and the itching stopped straight away, now I know why Rosie our dog feels so happy. My husband quickly rubbed some into his dry knees, so we are all happy. I don’t know what exactly stops the horrible itching, but it works!
He’s stopped itching already, and smells delicious.
My dogs love this cream ..eases the itching at this time of year.
Frosty (cat) isn’t even worried about this cream as its not too thick and easy to apply.
Dog Soaps
We had your dog soap before. Our dog has a wool coat and it works well on her she smells really good after a shower.
My bull mastiff smells lovely and the soap does not irritate his skin. I am happy with the product.
The packaging of the product was wonderful and we could smell the soaps through the packaging. It lathers really well and makes my pup smell great! So pleased with the trade!
This dog soap smells delightful and made my dog’s coat bright and shiny
Until now we had used the dog shampoo from the warehouse which made him scratch and dried my hands out. Your product is much better leaving our dogs coat nice and soft. Very pleased (and I’m sure our dog is too!)
have bathed my dogs with the soap already, they smell lovely
Have been using warehouse shampo witch made dogs skin dry &itchy, recieved the soap today &used it they loved it, nice smelling, long lasting &cheper on the pocket, Its good on all skin/coat types as we have a staffy, bullmastiff & golden retriever
Bathed our dog today with the soap, loved how it soaped up nice and easy and how yummy she now smells, even the bathroom cupboard smells like the soap
Awesome soap for my hyper allergenic dog, no scratching at all
Thanks a lot for the super nice smelling dog soaps. I love them before I even tried them on the dogs and I hope they will like them too
LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of this soap. Washed my little fella with it yesterday and it’s the first product I’ve used on him that doesn’t leave my hands all dry and yukky after
Lovely soap for my pooches. Lathers up really well and smells yummy
Love the soap, dogs look shiny and smell great
Excellent soap for the dog and get plenty of washes out of one bar.