Nipple Ointment
So impressed with ointment, I sent to family in South America who immediately were happy with it as well.
This is the second time I’ve purchased this product. I swear I never would have got through breastfeeding without it! Will definitely recommend it to others.
I just wanted to let you know how amazing this product is! This is the second pottle I have ordered and wouldn’t use or recommend anything else! Out of desperation last weekend I purchased another nipple cream (from another company) and couldn’t believe how little it helped. It offered very little relief and certainly didn’t help healing time. I managed to hunt out the practically empty pottle I had of yours and scraped every last remaining bit from in the corners of the pottle enough for a couple of applications and it was instant relief and healing was well on the way in a very short time. As a breast feeding mother I wouldn’t be without this product and will definitely be purchasing this for any friends or family that choose to breastfeed in the future. Thanks
Wow, this is truly a godsend. I got it just in time for the birth of my son & have used it after every breastfeed. It has prevented my nipples becoming cracked & sore, kept them soft & supple & even stops the nursing pads from sticking! It is so soothing as well & I have already recommended to my friends & family who are expecting babies soon. Love this product, it has made my first week of motherhood so much more bearable! Thank-you so much for developing this stuff!!
Ointment is so soothing and healing on my nipples, better than normal lansinoh so highly recommend for all breastfeeding mothers with sore cracked nipples.
Samantha H.
When our baby Tigerlily was born David gave me some nipple ointment to use as I was getting very sore. I only had to use it a couple of times as my nipples healed so quickly.
Catherine S.
Cracked nipples are a killer. Two applications of Nipple Cream was great, almost instantly giving relief. Awesome stuff David. Keep up the good work.
Rangi W.
Third lot of nipple ointment I’ve purchased as it’s fantastic for all small things ouch! Paper cuts and chapped lips especially!

This was so good for me I’ve sent it off to Ozzie for my niece to try!! Excellent stuff
Zinc Oxide Ointment
This product is full of all the products that I would recommend. As a midwife, and a grandmother of 18 grandchildren (most of whom I have helped birth) I know a good nappy cream when I see it. This is it!
Julia A. Wilcox (Reg. Nurse, Reg. Midwife and International Bureau Lactation Consultant )
My daughter gets bad nappy rash. The Zinc Oxide Ointment helps keep her rash under control and makes her a lot more comfortable.
Katie S.
Really good on babies bum, helps heal his rash almost immediately, good barrier cream.
R. W.
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