Massage Butter Blocks
Massage butter feels great on the hands and runs smooth on skin
I am a massage therapist and highly recommend this product and trader , thanku again
Received the massage blocks yesterday and used them on a client last night really pleased loved them thank you!
These are really a very cool massage alternative! Especially in an already warm room the block melts a little better. Smells really nice. A good Buy!
THE BEST MASSAGE BLOCK EVA!! smells soo delicious too, I use it all over my body!
Beautiful aroma looking forward to experience more of your merchandise thanks very much
We have used them twice, and both times could not stop talking about how exceptional they are. The natural ingredients allow the massage butter to absorb into the skin, with just enough moisture to allow glide, as well as plenty of traction to support deep tissue work. We find it far superior to using oils in trigger point and deep tissue therapy.
The products are divine, will be back for more!