Hand Cream
This product is the original one that got it all started, but it has been superseded by the Skin Repairing Hand Cream.
I also got the opportunity to use the Hand Cream on my dry cracked heels. One application healed my heels and my husband enjoyed applying the cream on to me, he-he!
Rangi W.
As a midwife working in a hospital post natal ward, I wash my hands about every hour, sometimes more frequently. Often my hands are dry, cracked and bleeding. David made his Hand Cream for me. What an honour. My hands are soft and comfortable all the time. The only time that I have had any problems was when I went to Australia and left my hand cream at home. Nothing else helped as much as David’s Tigerlilly Hand Cream does!
Julia W.
I use the Hand Cream to heal my cracked and damaged hands that result from working on a dairy farm. We have even used the hand cream to heal over 20 cows who had damaged teats that resulted from calving and mastitis treatment that we use on our farm. We saw obvious improvements in the condition of the skin and sores that were on their teats. Great stuff. Keep up the good work.
Dear Sir, I would like to tell you about the wonderful Hand Cream that you manufacture. It was recommended to me by a relation. It leaves my hand so soft and smooth, the effect has to be seen to be believed. It also heals any small lesions and abrasions that one gets with working hands. I cannot do more, than to recommend it to all my friends.
Mona A. R.
Wow! What terrific Hand Cream. I have suffered from dry cracked hands for years, and have finally found a hand cream that keeps my hands moisturized, and the oils seem to help the cracks I do get, to heal much faster. Thank you for saving my skin.
P. Curren
I have been using the hand cream for two weeks now and finding that my cracked hands are healing. The hand cream makes my hands smooth and forms a barrier for gardening.
I have used this ointment on cows and found it very good.
K. Castleton (Dairy Farm Owner)
Hemp Cream
Awesome as always, try the hemp cream it is amazing
Neem Cream

Tried the Neem cream as sometimes after a shave some of the small nicks get infected and that worked a treat!

Scar Diminisher
I have been using Scar Diminisher twice a day for the past month or so. This product helped soften a really hard surgical scar on my arm.
There has been a change in the colour of the scar. It’s much lighter from what it was, and the skin has evened.
I used this cream on a scar on my knee which it faded and it worked really well on my stretch marks too. The scar on my little girls face is no longer visible thanks to the Scar Diminisher.
This product faded my stretch markets on my stomach while I was still pregnant.
I used this product on a scar on my face, now it’s not so prominent.
Excellent product. It feels like it has been charged with healing vibrations.
Used this product on a 4 year old scar on my lower stomach. It has become softer.
Skin Repairing Hand & Foot Cream
Love this stuff and always have a jar, stops painful cracks in my feet from hurting and help in the repair of said cracks
Hi Dave, I wanted to let you know that your skin repairing creme is wonderful. I had been hobbling around with a bad crack in the heal that refused to heal. I put the creme on 2 nights running and the crack closed and healing. Completely better. The pain was gone after the first night. I’m so impressed with the creme.
Awesome as always, LOVE your products, would not be without my foot cream, it takes the pain away from cracked heels, and repairs them very fast …thank you.
Cream is yummy and heel already improved after only one night!
Foot cream is great. After trying many others finally 1 that works. Def be ordering from you again.
Great product, very impressed! As an Acupuncturist will be promoting “Tigerlilly” through my practice
Love this! as a nurse my hands gets really dry & itchy to constant handwashing. I applied this overnight and my hands were just soft! Applied them on my cracked heels too! works magic!!
Wow! This cream is amazing. Used it last night and my hands feel and look awesome this morning. Thank you for a great product and excellent trade. AAA+++
Patsy R
Can’t believe how fast it worked! redness and itchiness gone yay
This hand & foot SKIN REPAIRING CREAM is like a little pot of gold! I can’t believe I have summer ready feet less than 48 hours after starting to use the cream morning & night! (in addition to exfoliating) I had resigned myself to just having terrible dry cracked skin, but NO MORE!! You now have (another) loyal customer!! Will be recommending you to everyone! Super fast delivery – & very helpful with all my questions. THANK YOU!!
Kia Ora David, About 2 weeks ago I purchased a jar of the Skin Repairing Hand Cream. The backs of both my hands are badly sun damaged and have dark brown and angry red splotches on them. At times the angry red splotches become very scaly then get a raised scab. On my left hand I had a raised scaley area that was itchy and bled. I began to use the Skin Repairing hand cream and after 2 weeks the scab has gone and there is just a small area of discolouration where it was. Other marks on both my hands appear to be improving and the only way I can think of to describe it is to say where I have the red marks on my hands a layer of skin is lifting off and there is no scab area underneath. I have some small scaley areas on my face and am using the cream there as well and have noticed a reduction in the size of one scaley area on my left cheek. Needless to say I am thrilled with the results. Having been to the doctor once and had the areas on my hand burnt off with the dry ice treatment I decided that I wasn’t going to give my hands such a dreadful fright ever again! I have areas on my back that are badly sun damaged also and have been testing the cream on a small area on my shoulder, once again with small but noticeable results. I’ll continue to use the cream David and would like to let you know how I get on with it. Many thanks for your wonderful product! I’ve also recommended your Itch Be Gone lotion to a friend whose daughter suffers from eczema.
Really good. I have suffered from bad splits in my fingers every winter for many years. The Skin Repair has been excellent in helping the splits heal very quickly and preventing their occurrence.
Ron C. (Hospital Accountant)
This would have to be the best thing ever! My bleeding cracked heels were literally on the mend overnight! And the pain was gone within a couple of hours.
Robyn F. (Hospital Ward Clerk)
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