Eczema Lotion
This product has been superseded by the Itch Be Gone.
My oldest son Zebedee often gets dry patches of skin which we put the eczema cream on, it quickly gets rid of the redness and dryness.
Catherine S.
This was wonderful. Our daughter has eczema on her face. We’ve used all sorts of prescribed medication to no avail. Within a few hours of application the eczema could not be seen! Great stuff!
Georgina R.
I have found that using the Eczema Lotion on chemical burns heals damaged skin quickly and soothes the burning sensation. I have used it on my face and hands to heal splash burns and sores resulting from over-exposure to corrosive chemicals. My skin feels great after a few treatments and heals quickly.
For three years my son has suffered from server eczema, he scratches constantly. One night after he had scratched himself raw, we applied the Eczema Lotion and put him back to bed. The next morning our son’s skin had completely healed over, the rawness was not present. Awesome.
Rangi W.
Itch Be Gone
Our itching monster loves this!
My son has eczema and dermatitis. This lotion is a lotion that works amazingly well on his skin, the natural ingredients have long term deep beneficial results with no side effects.
I’m happy to inform you that your eczema balm works well. Tyler’s eczema is very calm right now, the redness is diminished greatly with only a few small patches of light red, the itchiness went immediately after the first application, and the skin is visibly smother. I can see large patches of brown skin rather than red. So the results are very pleasing to both my son and me. I am glad I went out on a limb and bought this. Thanks very much for your help. Kind regards
The Eczema Cream has proven to be very effective. Within 2 days the redness diminished greatly, the rough skin is smoother, the itchiness disappeared immediately, Fab products that work.
Hi David, Thanks for doing the larger pottle for us, we have found that the Itch Be Gone is the only thing next to steroid cream that clears up our daughters severe eczema. And we would prefer not to use the steroid cream. Thanks for that, Steve and Toni Harris
fantastic eczema balm.. totally natural & works really quickly. I’m amazed by how effective it is compared to other products I’ve tried! Will definitely reorder, thanks
Lynn Cooper
The eczema lotion is incredible, really feeding and repairing the skin after only two days’ use – there has been a more than vast improvement. Such a crying shame Pharmac won’t fund products like these instead of petroleum jelly cr*p.
Used the soap this morning and the itch be gone cream and my god i haven’t itched for 5 hours,my fingers are just starting to get the itch on now tho,,i have severe dyshidrotic eczema on my hands/fingers ,i have had for the past 16yrs since i had my first daughter,and occasionally eczema in the elbow creases,i have tried every cream out there known to man,i have had uva treatment done ,and have gone insane for yrs as no one knows what its like unless you have it,just simple water on your hands feels like someone has poured petrol on them,,i have a 2yr old now and bath time is a nightmare for me,,so im hoping your creams work,so far so good
Thank you for such a great trade. Arrived yesterday and my daughter had such a peaceful sleep without scratching herself silly for the first time ever! Will continue to trade with you. Thank you once again.
‘Itch Be Gone’ lotion works. 3 year old son is happy with no itch and smooth skin.
My four year old says its the best cream for her eczema!
Yumiko O
Amazing stuff. Giving samples to friends and family that have skin problem. Helped my son’s skin heal so fast. Keep producing wonderful products David. AAA+++
Anita W.
Delighted that the lotion seems to have soothed my grandson’s eczema after one application. Many Thanks.
I applied Itch Be Gone to my dogs tummy area which was red and itchy. It cleared up in two applications.
My daughter had a terrible rash around her neck, making her neck raw. I used Tigerlilly’s Itch Be Gone on it and within a few days her rash had completely gone. My daughter is only three months old, so it is really great that it’s safe for use on babies.
Catherine S.
I believe that this cream really makes my eczema bearable. When I treat the itchy places, I can go all day without any itches. Wonderful.
Mona A. R.
My two year old daughter was diagnosed with an eczema skin condition. My husband and I spent a fortune on consultation charges, various creams and alternative treatment to help her, as she has the worst eczema I have ever seen. My daughter did not heal or show improvement with any of the products I had previously used. My daughter often looked as if she were covered in measles on her entire body. She would scratch until her skin would break and bleed. I am so excited with Tigerlilly’s Itch Be Gone, eczema lotion. Overnight is the worst period of time with my daughters itching. She constantly wakes up from itching and scratching. With the first application of this product, I applied this lotion before bedtime. My daughter and our whole family had a restful sleep, as my daughter slept through the night never waking to itch her skin. To my amazement her skin had also shown some improvement, the skin was showing signs of healing, and her skin texture had gone from rough and scaly to smooth (new skin growth). This result is fantastic. I have only been using this lotion for less than a week and the results speak for themselves. I am a believer of this product and will continue to use this lotion. It was very distressing as a parent to see my child suffering, and I am happy to see her health improved. I would recommend Tigerlilly’s to anyone. I love that the products have no chemicals, colours or artificial preservatives.
F. Whata
I purchased the Itch Be gone product last week and would like to say what an amazing product it is….Thank you so much
Euan’s skin is the best it has ever been. He loves using your itch be gone
Luxuriant Eye Lotion
Amazing product, better than anything on market and a fraction of the price, def getting more of this-it arrived today and I have tried it out- I work night shifts and this cream has reduced puffiness and fine lines!
I love this Luxuriant Eye Lotion and I think it works really well.
I decided to wait a few days before giving feedback to see how this lotion felt/worked etc…it is a super lovely lotion and my skin loves it. I would 100% buy this product again and again and again. Yay! Its so wonderful to put something on your face that is safe and I don’t need to worry about what nasties are in it…because there are none! Thank you SO much for doing what you do with these products. Your a star!
Really love this eye lotion and yes it does work.
Really love this creamy lotion. Feels so good and what an excellent job it makes on ones eyes
love the eye cream-feels so cooling around the eyes
Wow, I’m now officially addicted to this, it is stunningly good!
I have bought this product several times and think it’s truly wonderful! I use it as an all over face and neck moisturiser as well as an eye cream and have had amazing results
Super happy with this eye cream.
Can’t get enough of this fabulous eye lotion!
Rosacea Lotion
A week ago, I got an allergy with severe inflammation and itching of the skin from massage oil. This lotion helped to quickly get rid of this scourge.
Scabies Lotion
Was hoping to not need the scabies lotion again, but my youngest son has picked scabies up from kindy. Instead of using what’s prescribed by the doctors and doesn’t work, I know this lotion does from when I had to use it on my older sons.
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