Mandarin Essential Oil

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Extraction Method – Cold Pressed
Parts Used – Peel
Common Names  – Green Mandarin
Botanical NameCitrus nobilis
Country of Origin – Australia
Aroma – Refreshing, sweet and fruity citrus aroma



Mandarin Essential Oil is perhaps one of the best oils to aid in calming anxiety and is very helpful for  anger, grief, and shock.

Mandarin Oil also has significant antioxidant properties. From healing cuts to rejuvenating your complexion, mandarin oil gives your epidermis a boost from all angles. With its ability to renew your complexion and stimulate the growth of new skin cells, Mandarin Essential Oil can be used to help to even out skin tone. Whether the problem is pigmentation, acne scars or other blemishes, its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can help to repair and protect your complexion

Mandarin Essential Oil’s composition is mainly d-Limonene: a compound with potent anti-inflammatory effects. Regular use of mandarin oil can therefore help relieve pain and swelling, leaving your body and skin feeling their best.

A wonderful cleansing oil for DIY house cleaning products, and used to purify the air and eradicate unpleasant odors.

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