Rose Geranium Essential Oil – Organic

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Extraction Method – Steam Distilled
Parts Used – Leaves & Flowering Tops
Common Names  – Rose Scented Geranium
Botanical NamePelargonium Roseum
Country of Origin – Reunion Islands
Aroma – Rose floral notes with a sweet herbaceous base



Rose Geranium Essential Oil is also mildly astringent and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Rose Geranium Oil has also been shown to be very helpful for treating rosacea and broken capillaries. A wonderful oil for the skin, Rose Geranium’s balancing effect makes it suitable for dry, oily or combination skin, especially showing signs of congestion and stagnation such as acne, eczema, bruises and broken capillaries. Its healing and antiseptic properties are helpful for minor burns, wounds and skin ulcers and it is also recommended for neuralgia.

This oil is also widely cherished as a powerful assistant in promoting ease and grace during a woman’s monthly cycle. Rose Geranium is also known to be an adaptogen herb, meaning it can help support your adrenal system and its ability to manage your hormonal response to stress. It helps to reduce feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. Its balancing effect on the body and mind makes it an excellent choice to uplift mood and to promote feelings of well-being. Its stimulating properties is also said to lift the spirit and promote sensual feelings.

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