Siberian Fir Essential Oil – Organic

$8.00 Including GST

Extraction Method – Steam Distilled
Parts Used – Needles
Common Names 
Botanical NameAbies Sibirica
Country of Origin – Russia
Aroma – Sweet-camphoraceous, piney, slightly balsamic aroma



Siberian Fir Essential Oil has an affinity both for assisting the lungs and complaints of sore bodies. A warming oil par excellence, Siberian Fir can help boost energy moving throughout the body and is thus soothing to joints and muscles. Siberian Fir Needle Oil’s bright and uplifting aroma can help release stress.

The woody, bright, fresh aroma of this essential oil is used to scent home and personal care products, herbal soaps and cleansers. Siberian Fir Needle Oil is also highly recommend for use in diffusers to purify the environment in enclosed spaces and especially to help ward off illnesses that circulate in the winter months.

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