Tulsi Essential Oil – Organic

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Extraction Method – Steam Distilled
Parts Used – Leaves and flowering tops
Common Names  – Holy Basil
Botanical NameOcimum sanctum
Country of Origin – India
Aroma – Spicy, sweet herbaceous-minty, and clove-like aroma



Considered a sacred plant in India for purification of mind and body and to heighten spiritual awareness. Uplifting clarifying . Useful when health and wellness are a focus. Commonly used in massage blends targeting stress, nervousness and tense muscles.

Tulsi Essential Oil is helpful when dealing with situational anxiety or depression. It also helps promote deep, restful sleep, making it ideal for people who suffer from insomnia. Tulsi Essential Oil is also uplifting and mentally clearing, helping to reduce negative thoughts and feelings.

Tulsi Oil’s anti-inflammatory property makes it an excellent skin remedy for irritations, small wounds, and sores. It has a soothing and relaxing effect that helps while dealing with eczema.

Tulsi Oil encourages emotional healing, support reflection, and introspection, and bring peace and calm, especially during meditation. It fosters greater self-confidence and promotes self-assurance.

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