Valerian Root Essential Oil – Organic

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Extraction Method – Steam Distilled
Parts Used – Rhizomes/root
Common Names 
Botanical NameValerian officinalis
Country of Origin – India
Aroma – Warm-woody, balsamic, and very musky aroma



Valerian is derived from a Latin adjectival form of the personal name Valerius. It comes from the Latin verb ‘valere’ meaning being well, feeling good, and having a good morale, in reference to the medicinal properties of this plant. Valerian has been used as a medicinal herb since the time of ancient Greece and Rome. Known to herbalists as ‘all heal’, Valerian is a warming, sedative herb with bitter principles. Researchers have pinpointed the sesquiterpenes, Valerenic acid, and Valerone as the active constituents that exert a calming and restorative effect on the central nervous system.

Valerian Root Oil is highly regarded for its support for sleep and relaxation. It is most commonly used in blends to aid with insomnia and is widely known for its sedative properties. It can also assist with nervous tension and said to aid with various skin and hair issues because of its astringent properties.

The oil is also used in perfumery and soaps for its musky and woodsy aroma.

Valerian Essential Oil is also a helpful agent in minor pain and inflammation management.

Valerian Oil promotes emotional equilibrium, purifies the mind and enhances concentration. Valerian Oil is especially valued as a meditative aid with the ability to instill deep tranquility of mind.

Use: Insomnia, nervousness, stress, tension, tension headache, stress-induced migraine, muscular spasm, cramps, restlessness, inability to relax, acne and problematic skin

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