Q’s & A’s

Q. Why don’t you use fragrance oils in your products?
A. Fragrant oils are synthetic and have no benefit to our bodies. I use only 100% pure aromatherapy grade essential oils as they smell nicer and have healing properties that affect our skin, organs and our mind.

Q. Can you make a product for the condition I have?
A. In most cases yes. In the last 18 years I have only been stumped twice, and one of those was trying to slow down hair growth. Essential oils and herbal oils will encourage hair growth, but none I found would slow it down.

Q. Is there any caustic soda left in the soap after it is made?
A. No. The way I make my soap there is no caustic soda left over after the oil is converted to soap. This is accomplished by using a 6% lye discount which means 6% of the oil I use to make my soaps remain as oil because the caustic soda has been used up by the rest of the oil.

Q. Does your soap dry skin out?
A. No. I have customers who have very bad skin, some can’t even use other soaps but can use mine. Because of the lye   discount I use in making my soaps the oil that isn’t turned to soap will moisturise the skin instead of drying it out. I had a customer email me with her comment about how my soap looks after her skin. This is the email she sent to me.

Q. I’m really interested in making soap for myself and I”ve been looking everywhere for a handmade soap recipe that   contains no lye! Could you please tell me how to make this if at all possible?
A. I spent a very long time doing the same thing before I found a chemist and another soap maker who told me that no, there is no way to make real soap without lye, either potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide. In the old days they used wood ash which would do the job but you can not control the level of potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide in the ash so you could end up with sludge or a soap that would rip your skin right off. One of the reasons people didn’t wash so often in the old days.