Blue Cypress Essential Oil – Organic

$30.00 Including GST

Extraction Method – Steam Distilled
Parts Used – Wood & Bark
Botanical Name – Callitris intratropica
Country of Origin – Australia
Aroma – fruity, smokey, resinous, sweet, balsamic, woodsy, honey-like aroma





Blue Cypress Essential Oil is a gorgeous blue color, due to the presence of the naturally occurring chemical component, Guaiazulene (found also Yarrow Blue & German Chamomile)

Blue Cypress is a wonderful support for reddened, congested skin, can help keep minor skin breaks “clean”, and can help with respiratory support.

Used in wound care as it is helpful in reducing pain and inflammation and the presence of unwanted microbial activity. Blue Cypress Oil can also help support a healthy immune system. With anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial properties. This essential oil is used to soothe burns, help relieve bug bites, itchy hives, topical allergic reactions, and other skin challenges.

Emotionally and energetically, Blue Cypress Essential Oil is calming and grounding. This essential oil can help usher balance and calm to the body, mind, and spirit especially during times of emotional discomfort and unease.


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