Guaiacwood Essential Oil

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Extraction Method – Steamed Distilled
Parts Used – Wood
Common Names  – Verawood
Botanical NameBulnesia Sarmientoi
Country of Origin – Paraguay
Aroma – Earthy, Woody, Sweet, Warm, Slightly Smoky, Rose Undertones




Guaiacwood is a very thick oil (heat gently to make more fluid) with a long history of use for rheumatic and joint complaints. It is also used as a fixative especially for woody floral fragrances.

Guaiacwood oil has antiseptic and toning properties for acne or congested, oily skin.

Guaiacwood oil is specifically used for stiff joints or rheumatism & rheumatoid arthritis. Used for gout & fluid retention as well. It is thought to help stimulate lymphatic circulation and ease congested tissues which may be helpful for pelvic congestion, fluid retention and joint complaints when used in a massage oil over affected areas.

Guaiacwood oil has a grounding nature, helpful to calm and center yourself during times of stress or to aid meditation.

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